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From B. Hudson

James William Hudson Jr. was a son of James William Hudson and Margaret Spears. He was 12 years old when his father was killed. His mother remarried to Isaac Curry. James left home at a young age because he did not like his stepfather. He went to Pennsylvania and found work in the lumber camps driving logs to the mills around the Susquehanna River. He worked his way across Canada and down into Oregon in the U.S. where he drove logs to the mills along the Willamette River. He converted to the Mormon Church and decided to move to Utah. He was given work in Alpine, Utah. He worked on a farm and soon went on a church mission. His mission was to Nova Scotia and he wanted to return and convert his family to Mormonism. When he arrived in Nova Scotia, he found his mother had died, the family home had been sold and his siblings had all moved away. He did find his sister Eliza but she was very ill and near death. He met with her daughters Flora and Jean. He also learned where his other sister Maggie was in Boston and met with her. He returned to American Fork, Utah after two years on the church mission. He met and became engaged to Ellen Jane Jacklin. They were married on June 20, 1900. Their children were: Vida Mae b. June 7, 1901, Rintha Jane b. Feb 3, 1903 and Nello James b. May 18, 1906 all born in American Fork, Utah. Ellen Jane died at age 33 leaving the three young children without a mother. The children lived with their Grandmother Jacklin until she died. During this time Maggie moved out west and stayed with the family until she got into an argument with her brother and moved on to California. The children were placed with aunts and uncles from the Jacklin family. Nello James kept running away and eventually lived with his father in Midvale, Utah. The two of them worked in mine and smelter related field. James William died in Salt Lake on May 7, 1928.