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Copied Nov 3, 2001 from: Pre-1900 Heritage Houses - Wine Harbour
(Sherbrooke Branch Eastern Counties Regional Library – OFY 1975)


The first owners of the house, as far as can be determined, was Ned Conroy who lived here approximately 100 years ago with his wife Mary. The house was then left to his son Richard. He was a merchant and ran a General Store in Wine Harbour with his wife Anna MacDonald. He lived here until his death in 1925. Julia Mills then inherited the estate from Richard Conroy. She was married to Stan Mills and they had four children. Upon Julia’s departure to New York, the house was sold to Arthur McGrath. Arthur bought the house in 1971 and lived there with his wife Ruby and their children.

This structure rests on a rock foundation capped with cement. The framework is al hand-hewn timbers held together with square nails. The exterior walls were re-shingled with wooden shingles, as they were in the beginning. The roof was re-shingled by Julia Mills by putting on asphalt shingles. Also, a sun-porch was added on to the front of the house by the Conroys. The majority of the windows in the house are original but the doors have been changed. Also, a new flue was built in 1971. There are three bedrooms in the upstairs of the house. The walls and ceilings used to be plastered but since have been paneled by Arthur McGrath. The floors are now covered with linoleum. Originally, there was a large room on the front of the house upstairs but it has been divided into two smaller rooms. During the time renovations were being made, the stairway was shifted from one corner of the kitchen to the opposite corner. Downstairs there are three rooms and a bath. Originally there was a hallway leading to the living room but the partition has been removed resulting in a larger living room. Also, a dining room partition was removed and a bathroom and larger kitchen resulted. The walls and ceilings also were originally lathed and plastered but has been replaced. The kitchen use to be covered by beaver-board and wainscotting in the past but now the walls are covered by gyproc with tile on the ceiling. The floor is made of hemlock lumber covered by plywood underlay and now cushion-floor. The bathroom walls and ceiling are gyproc. The remaining rooms have panel on the walls and ceiling. New kitchen cupboards were installed shortly after the McGraths bought the house. An oil furnace heats the house, at present. Originally, wood stoves heated it. There is not any evidence of ever there being a fireplace. An electric pump pumps the water in whereas it used to be carried in buckets.

A couple of points of interest as far as architecture goes are that the eaves are cornic boxed with sloped soffit. The roof shape is an offset gable situation. The raking type is cornic boxed, plain. The roof also sports three additional gables. The window surround heads are entablatures while the doors are plain. The main door has recessed, light side panels with a recessed light mullion transome panel, There are no property features.